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TV Installation Cost

How Much Does TV Installation Cost?

low costLow: Sometimes Basic Installation (Delivery, Setup) is Free, or $50-$150average costMedium: DIY Wall-Mounting Equipment Starts $25-$75 For the Bracketshigh costHigh: Wall Mounting Starts at $80-$175, But Usually Runs $175-$500
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  Typical costs:
  • Some flat screen TV dealers offer "free installation" (which usually does not include wall mounting) while other companies charge $50-$150 for "tabletop" setup -- delivering and unpacking the television, setting it up on an already-assembled stand, hooking it up to components such as a VCR, DVD or video game unit, setting up the remote control devices, and demonstrating how to use the system. You will need to supply the high-definition multi-media interface (HDMI) cables that carry the audio and video signals together at anywhere from $10-$100 per cable depending on length and quality. You also need to supply the stand or cabinet for the TV. If you do not already have a TV stand[1] , they start around $150-$250 but can run $300-$1,000 for furniture-like cabinets, and can go as high as $1,000-$3,000 or more for models designed to look like a fake electric fireplace with mantel.
  • Mounting a flat screen TV on the wall definitely requires a specialized bracket (to avoid damaging the wall or having the TV fall and break) with costs starting around $25-$75 for basic lightweight but serviceable brackets, and running $80-$300 or more for heavy-duty mounts that tilt or angle as needed, or with articulating arms that let you position the TV away from the wall. Commercial-grade mounting brackets (like in a bar) can run $300-$1,200 or more. provides a detailed overview[2] of the different kinds of TV wall mounts. Whether you have the TV professionally mounted on the wall or do it yourself, most likely you will have to pay for this mounting bracket separate from the cost of your LCD or Plasma flat-screen TV
  • Some installers will do a simple wall-mount (no special wiring) of a flat-screen TV for $80-$175, but a more typical wall-mount installation runs around $200-$500. Less expensive installations usually involve running wires concealed inside a track molding along the outside of the wall; more expensive installations include hiding the wiring inside the wall, and can include the wiring for a surround sound system. Mounting brackets ($25-$300) and HDMI cables ($20-$50 each) are usually not included in installation quotes, as they are expected to be supplied by the customer. Extremely complex installations where there's limited access (no attic, no crawlspace) for in-wall wires or if it includes hooking up a surround-sound system could be $600-$1,200 or more, depending on the number of obstructions in the wall and the distance wires have to be pulled through the wall.
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What should be included:
  • Whether it's table-top setup or wall mounting, the installer typically unpacks, assembles, connects and explains the system. Wall-mounting a flat screen TV requires basic hand tools and, if you want to hide the wiring, some confidence at cutting holes in walls. Because of the weight of the TV, wall-mounting is usually a two-person job. Typically a wall-mount for an LCD should penetrate into at least one wall stud; for a plasma TV it should hit two studs with two anchor bolts on each side. provides detailed instructions[3] for wall-mounting a flat screen TV. explains how to create a recessed home[4] for a flat screen TV, and shows how to hide[5] the flat screen behind a painting or mirror.
  • It's important to pick a wall-mount location at a good height for comfortable viewing, with a clear view from any seat in the room and minimum screen glare. Also, interior walls generally have fewer obstructions for running new wiring than exterior walls. Although many people choose to hang a flat screen TV above a fireplace, doing this may void the warranty from some manufacturers.
  • Many companies will offer a slight discount if you have more than one flat screen TV / home theater system installed at the same time.
Shopping for tv installation:
  • Most flat screen TV retailers such as Best Buy[6] and Costco[7] sell installation services, and there are national services such as or[8] . A handyman may be able to do a simple installation, but be sure the handyman has experience/training with installing flat screen TVs. You may also require the services of an electrician if a new outlet or extensive rewiring is needed.
  • For a complete home theater installation, search for a member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association[9] .
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Two 80" Flatscreen tv\'s mounted
Amount: $260.00
Posted by: doctor phil in Mobile, AL.Posted: December 21st, 2016 05:12PM
Type of Installation: Tilt tv MountInstaller: TV Installation Pro\'s Mobile Alabama
Bought 2 80" Flat screen from Best Buy in Mobile Alabama..Our neighbor recommended {Tv Installation Pro's....These guys went over and above! they wore gloves when handling our tv's!....Very Professional and prompt also!Told them i would tell everyone! Tv Installation Pro's in mobile alabama 36608 {251}230-0557
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TV Installation
Amount: $270.00
Posted by: Karl76 in Irvine, CA.Posted: July 19th, 2014 05:07PM
Type of Installation: Mounted on wallInstaller: Coastline Tv installs
We had a new 60" Samsung Curve mounted in our family room on the wall with all the cables hidden behind the walls, and exiting out of nice looking wall plates. They also installed an electrical outlet behind our TV, and provided a mount that allows for tilting. We also got a free HDMI cable too :) Made adjustments to our TV picture. Perfectly leveled and centered. Cleaned the screen and area around were they were working. All in about an hour and a half. $270 bucks :) I would have payed double for the quality of work that was done. Super happy
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Hooters 2501
Amount: $380,000.00
Posted by: MC Telecom in Sarasota, FL.Posted: March 28th, 2013 02:03PM
Type of Installation: TV Mount and DirecTV rec MountInstaller: MC Telecom
Installed 5 40" Tv's and 1 65" plus 6 HD DirecTV receivers, cable run fishwalled and terminated, DirecTV dish installed and signal locked, receivers activated
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Wall mounted 52" Samsung LCD TV
Amount: $315.55
Posted by: happy tv fan in San Jose, CA.Posted: March 25th, 2010 01:03PM
Type of Installation: wall mount, flat bracktInstaller: Infinite Networks,
Our friend recommended this guy and we were happy with the results. He charged $250 for the standard package of a flat wall mount (we didn't want the TV sticking out and don't need to rotate the angle) with basic cables. We upgraded for an additional $60 to hide the cables behind the wall and with an extra HDMI cable.
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TV installation on wall.
Amount: $250.00
Posted by: ziv in santa monica, CA.Posted: February 26th, 2010 08:02PM
Type of Installation: on wall hidden cablesInstaller:
Tv was mounted on regular wall. Free mount, free HDMI cable, electrical outlet behind TV, wall was patched. Labor and materials $250 (licensed).
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TV wall mount 60 in with invisible cable
Amount: $150.00
Posted by: raveup in PHILADELPHIA, PA.Posted: April 28th, 2009 10:04AM
Type of Installation: Basic TV wall mountInstaller:
TV wall mount over drywall 60in with invisible cable. Free TV set up programing. Labor $150.00
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam Digital Edge
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: needinstaller in Gambrills, MD.Posted: February 16th, 2009 08:02AM
Type of Installation: Flat Screen Wall MountInstaller: Jeff
I contacted this company in December 2008. They came out to take measurements and to write up a written estimate. I have never heard back from this company. I left numerous voice mail messages and email.
They still have not returned my calls. So they are either too busy to take on such a complex installation or they are not professional enough to return my calls.
I like Jeff and the information he provided when we initially spoke and during the in home measurements visit. I am sure that I would have contracted with them. However, I am now forced to find another company based on their unprofessional business manners.
The problem is I have been warned of "Geek Squad" and other companies that that do not know the installation ins and outs. I don't really know where to turn to find a reputable company with experience and know how - that is still with a reasonable cost point. Any suggestions?
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TV Installation
Amount: $150.00
Posted by: Jeff Marquardt in Baltimore, MD.Posted: January 18th, 2009 09:01AM
Type of Installation: On wallInstaller: Digital EDGE
We are an installation company that serves the Baltimore Washington area. We charge $149 For on wall installation and that includes running the cables in the wall and wall plates. 6+years experience.
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