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How Much Does an LCD TV Cost?

low cost22- to 37-Inches: $300-$700average cost40- to 47-Inches: $600-$2,400high cost52- to 65-Inches: $1,300-$6,000
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions, along with plasma TVs, are a popular type of thin, flat panel TV display.

Unlike plasma TVs, LCD TVs are not prone to screen burn-in of still images, use less power and are usually lighter in weight. However, compared to plasma TVs, LCD TVs have worse viewing angles, may not have as accurate color reproductions.

Typical costs:

  • Because LCD technology and manufacturing is a little more versatile than plasma, TV screen sizes can range from 5" to 70". Smaller sized LCD TVs usually range from 22" to 37" and are ideal for smaller rooms like kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. The smaller sized LCD TVs are usually 720P while the larger ones are 1080P resolution. (720 and 1080 refers to the number of lines of vertical. "P" stands for progressive and means that for every frame of video all 720 or 1080 lines are displayed at once to from an image.)
  • The 22" to 37" LCD TVs work better for smaller sized rooms in the home. A 26" ($300 to $400), 32" ($350 to $550) or 37" ($400-$700) are some of the more popular sizes in this category. The Sharp LC-26SB27UT 26"[1] ($370), Samsung LN32B460 32" ($500) and Sony BRAVIA KDL-37L5000 37"[2] ($630) are all good selections for these screen sizes.
  • The smaller home entertainment LCD panels usually come in the following sizes: 40"/42" ($600 to $1,600) and 46"/47" ($1,000 to $2,400) diagonals. The 1080P Samsung LN40B630 40" ($850) and Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V5100[3] ($900) are good choices for a smaller LCD display. For a 46" option, consider the Samsung LN46B650 ($1,000-$1,900) or Sony BRAVIA KDL-46V5100[4] ($1,200).
  • The slightly older model 52" Sharp LC52D85UN (but still with rave reviews for this feature and price point) is a great bargain at $1,300. For the newer 52" LCD TVs, the Sony KDL-52Z5100[5] ($1,900) is a good choice. The 55" Samsung LN55B650 ($2,300) and Sony BRAVIA KDL-55V5100[6] ($1,900) are recommended for this size and pricepoint.
  • The largest size LCD displays in the 60" range are priced at a premium. These are currently offered in only a 65" ($5,000-$6,000) size. The Sony BRAVIA KDL-65W5100[7] ($5,000) and Samsung LN65B650 ($6,000) are currently the only two models offered as a 65" LCD TV display.
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What should be included:
  • A remote control and batteries are included with the TV set.
  • If the TV is mounted, there should be a cover for the bottom part of the display panel where the stand is removed.
  • Accessories will usually include a cleaning cloth and a ferrite core (used to shield cables from interference).
Additional costs:
  • There can be a delivery or shipping fee if one can not pick up and transport the TV. Most places will often offer free shipping or delivery as part of a promotion. If not, delivery fees from stores can start at $50, based on distance, but can run to $150.
  • If a person decides to wall mount the LCD TV, the associated cost can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple self-install to several hundred dollars for more difficult setups requiring professional installation.
  • If one chooses not to wall mount, then TV stands and cabinets can range from less than a hundred to several hundred dollars for premium home entertainment furniture.
  • A surround sound setup would cost several hundred dollars as well depending on the quality of components used for the home theater setup.
  • A Cable TV ($11-$127), satellite service ($20-$110) or over-the-air broadcast TV signals is required to watch TV shows. Cable and satellite pricing depends on the programming package and tier. High-definition content for cable or satellite can add $8-$10 more per month. Broadcast TV, while free, does require an antenna ($10-$200).
  • TV manufacturers occasionally offer rebates as an incentive to buy their models.
  • Some brick and mortar stores additionally offer discounts on store display models and TVs that were returned (open box items).
  • TIP: Online retailers can also sell refurbished items (with a limited manufacturer warranty) if one doesn't mind a slightly used or blemished model.
Shopping for an lcd tv:
  • Store retailers such as Best Buy[8] and Sears[9] offer the recommended LCD TV models.
  • Online retailers like Amazon[10] and[11] also sell these TVs.
  • Buying online can sometimes offer a substantial discount, but if there are any issues wrong with the TV, returning the unit can be more troublesome.
  • The Sony outlet[12] and Amazon warehouse outlet[13] both sell refurbished LCD TVs.
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Family room LED LCD
Amount: $2,400.00
Posted by: a user in Vancouver, Other.Posted: September 2nd, 2010 01:09PM
Brand: SamsungModel: UN60C6300
Size in Inches: 60Store: Visions (Canada)
In addition to the 40" office LED LCD, my wife and I got a 60" LED LCD for our family room. We live in Vancouver, British Columbia and found that HD TV's are generally 25% to 30% higher in Canada than in the U.S. The regular retail price was $2,988 but we were able to negotiate it down to $2,400. The sales person informed us that their purchase price was $2,500 (same purchase price given by the Future Shop sales rep. I have no idea what their real purchase price is as I've never worked in the retail industry). The only way we were able to get this price is because we also purchased a 4-year warranty. In all, we paid $3,150 (CDN) for the LED LCD ($2,400), 4-year warranty ($500), wall mount ($100), and installation/delivery ($150 - the installation was just for the wall mount and did not include the installation of the power cord and cables which I purchased and installed myself to save $400), plus a $31 environmental clean-up fee.
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Office LED LCD
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Posted by: a user in Vancouver, Other.Posted: September 2nd, 2010 12:09PM
Brand: SamsungModel: UN40B7000
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I am currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia and have found that MSRP's are generally 25% to 30% higher in Canada than in the U.S. However, the sales rep at Future Shop, the Canadian version of Best Buy, informed us of the "friends and family" sale even that was going on and we were able to get our 40" LED LCD for $800 CDN. Regular price was $1200 CDN. It's only been 2 weeks but so far it's great!
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Amount: $1,199.00
Posted by: Captain Ron in miami, FL.Posted: January 30th, 2010 05:01AM
Brand: sonyModel: bravia
Size in Inches: 52Store: best buy
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Philips 47in LCD
Amount: $999.00
Posted by: saveonrepaircosts in Westfield, NJ.Posted: July 16th, 2009 06:07PM
Brand: PhilipsModel: 47PFL5704D
Size in Inches: 47Store:
Gives a good picture, 120mhz. Not reliable - needed repair service. The IR receiver board need to be replaced, set not responding to the the remote control. Now I'm having problems with the built-in speakers.
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Looking forward to finally going HD with Samsung LN52A650
Amount: $1,900.00
Posted by: finally-goin-HD in San Jose, CA.Posted: January 23rd, 2009 12:01AM
Brand: SamsungModel: LN52A650
Size in Inches: 52Store: Amazon
I did a bunch of research and finally settled on the Samsung models -- which look awesome at stores and which Consumer Reports raves about for the best image (including super-black blacks and a great contrast ratio). I was a little unsure about buying from Amazon (fears of difficult, expensive returns), but a few friends have bought from them and had good experiences, and it saves $200-$300 over big box stores (plus, you sort of save on tax...). Will post if it goes well, or poorly. I also wondered whether better deals *might* be found at Circuit City stores now that the chain is closing, but I had already placed my order. You'd think a major chain closing would only mean dropping prices for the next few months.
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