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Windows Tablets Prices, Reviews and Specifications


Windows tablets are new to the tablet market in 2012, with the release of the much-anticipated Microsoft Surface in October. The Windows operating system is similar to those used on Windows smartphones.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is in many ways an upgraded version of the Surface RT, which was released in mid-2012. The Surface Pro boasts a new Windows 8 operating system and an array of apps through the Windows app store, but it is not tied to apps alone. With a laptop-like processor, it's capable of running PC software.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is somewhat larger and bulkier than both its predecessor and other tablets, weighing close to two pounds (without the keypad attached). The keyboard attachment is sold separately ($120-$130). The Surface Pro does come with a stylus for both writing and drawing which magnetically attaches to the side -- when in place, the stylus covers the charging port.

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Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT is the first tablet with a Windows 8 operating system.

One feature Microsoft is touting with the Surface tablet is an optional Touch Cover that doubles as a screen protector and a keyboard, and attaches with magnets. There are two versions of the keyboard/cover: One with actual keys on the keyboard, the other with pressure-sensitive keys. Another feature that separates the Surface from other tablets is the integrated kickstand.

With the Surface, Microsoft aimed to create a tablet that could replace the laptop. It is aimed at productivity, but doesn't ignore entertainment. Critics found Microsoft had some success in that goal, but it's not perfect yet. In fact, many reviewers urged consumers to wait.

While Apple and Android have thousands of apps available for consumers in their respective app stores, the number of Windows apps is extremely limited.

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