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How to Get the Best Deal on a TV

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How to Choose a TV

Time the Sales

Most retailers rotate the sales on brands and models of televisions regularly, so keeping an eye on the newspaper's weekend advertisements can be helpful. In addition, major electronics sales typically occur around national holiday weekends such as Fourth of July, Father's Day and Christmas. Waiting to purchase around the sales could net a sizeable discount on what can be a major expenditure.

Purchase a Floor Model

Often retailers will discount a model that customers have touched or played with on the floor of a store. The dents or dings on the surface should be reflrected in a discounted price and should not affect warranty coverage.

Consider Refurbished Models

Some retailers sell refurbished models at discounts of up to 40%. For example, Best Buy often advertises refusrbished units in the Outlet Center.

Check Energy Consumption

With televisions getting increasingly larger, some models now use as much electricity as a new refrigerator -- about 500 kWh each year, according to Energy Star, a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy that helps consumers save money by knowing which products are energy efficient. Consumers can check whether particular models are Energy Star qualified through the government website. Qualified televisions typically use 40% less energy than standard models.

The bright yellow Energy Guide label, which retailers are required to post with TVs, will help determine average annual electricity costs associated with any given model. The average usage cost is based on a five-hour per day TV usage, and consumers' cost will vary based on local utility rates. While consumers might spend a bit more up front for an Energy Star certified model, the long-term savings will be apparent in monthly electricity bills.