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OUYA is the first Android-based home game console. Created through a Kickstarter project, OUYA quickly gained funding, and is available both online and through big-box retailers. But Kickstarter campaign funders receive early models, which begin shipping in late March.

The OUYA game console is priced at less than $100 and comes with a single controller that operates with a Bluetooth connection. The console itself is small and black, about the size of a Rubik's cube. All games are downloaded and are free to try -- there are no discs or cartridges.

Games are played in full HD and connect through HDMI. The controller runs on two AA batteries and comes with removable faceplates.

The OUYA game console is made for developers and home hackers: Users are able to root the device, or access and modify files normally not accessible on a device, without voiding the warranty.

Prices For OUYA

(Prices as of 07/9/2013)
OUYA       Source
$100Best Buy

Additional Costs:

$50 Extra game controller


ProcessorNVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor
Media TypeNo discs or cartridges; all media must be downloaded
Disk Capacity8GB
Graphics Quality1080p
Other FeaturesOnly console that allows rooting of device without voiding warranty
Custom TV user interface
Android 4.0
Touchpad for porting mobile games easier

For manufacturer information about this product, go to OUYA.

Best-Selling Games

1. TowerFallFree to try
2. ShadowgunFree to try
3. BombSquadFree to try
4. You Don't Know JackFree to try
5. FPse for OuyaFree to try
(List as of 07/8/2013) Source: Ouya

What People Are Saying:

The Ouya is not yet a serious threat to game console standards from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. But with a bit of tinkering and an expanded selection of games, it could show more potential. At present, most experts call it a system that brings smartphone gaming to TVs.
  • NBC News: "The Ouya resides in a new space somewhere between the free-form chaos of mobile gaming and the tightly controlled experience of the major consoles. It's not just an Android phone you can plug into your television, but it's also not an equivalent or direct competitor to the new Xbox or PlayStation. What it is instead is something new entirely, something uncommonly exciting for an industry that so often seems stuck in its ways."
  • CNET: "If you've come here wondering whether you should buy the Ouya, let me answer that straight away: no, you shouldn't. At least not yet."