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Nintendo Wii U Prices, Specifications and Reviews

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With Wii U, which arrives in time for the 2012 holiday season, Nintendo changes basic gaming and incorporates media in new ways. Wii U introduces the Game Pad, new game controller that has both a touch-screen that interacts with the screen and a traditional navigational buttons. Although there will be games in the future that make use of multiple GamePads, the controllers will not be available for individual sale initially.

The Wii U does offer some backward compatibility for Wii owners, and allows up to four Wii remote and nunchucks to be used in conjunction with the game pad. Although the Wii allowed use of Game Cube games, the Wii U does not.

Unlike the original Wii, Wii U gives viewers multiple media options including control of live TV. Wii U also allows video streaming through Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Initially, Wii U will be available in two sets: The Basic set includes the game console, GamePad, a GamePad stylus and a sensor bar; the Deluxe version adds Nintendo Land video game, a GamePad cradle and stand, and a console stand. The basic model comes with an 8GB console; deluxe has 32GB of internal storage.

Wii U is available November 18 and Nintendo is allowing preorders ahead of the launch date.

Prices For Nintendo Wii U

(Prices as of 07/9/2013)
Nintendo Wii U Basic Set - white Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set Source
$350Best Buy
$300Toys 'R' Us

Additional Costs:

$3-$10Nintendo eShop downloads
$30-$50Wii controllers


Media TypeWii U and Wii games
Disk Capacity8GB, 32GB
Graphics Quality1080p
Online ContentWiiWare
ColorsBlack, White
Other FeaturesTVii feature for controlling TV content and streams
Internet browser
Warranty1 year, limited

For manufacturer information about this product, go to Nintendo.

Best-Selling Games

1. Super Mario Bros U$44
2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate$35
3. Super Luigi U$30
4. Pikmin 3$58
5. Lego City: Undercover$50
(List as of 07/8/2013) Source: Amazon

Best-Selling Accessories

1. Wii Remote Plus - Black$36
2. Nunchuck controller - Black$16
3. Wii Remote Plus - White$35
4. Nunchuck controller - White$15
5. Wii U Pro Controller - Black$44
(List as of 07/8/2013) Source: Amazon

What People Are Saying:

The Wii U is lauded for its timing, the first of the three major gaming manufacturers to offer a new console.
  • CNET: "If nothing else, Nintendo can be credited with some excellent timing for the Wii U. Coming just as the current generation of living-room consoles is starting to show its age, the Wii U suggests its designers were amazingly prescient. Considering the number of years it takes to put together an entirely new game console, to have one with a tablet-style controller ready to hit in 2012, just as tablets are more mainstream than ever, is either brilliant, lucky, or a bit of both."