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The Nintendo DSi is the successor to the DS Lite and makes several changes to the system. The upgrade adds front- and rear-facing cameras, slightly larger dual screens and an SD card slot for media storage. In addition, while the DS Lite was backward compatible with Game Boy Advance games, the DSi no longer has the GBA slot. It also has a much shorter battery life than its predecessors.

The DSi is the first in the DS series to have access to the DSiWare store, an online library of downloadable games and applications.

Prices For Nintendo DSi

(Prices as of 07/9/2013)
Nintendo DSi Source
$100Toys 'R' Us
$100Game Stop
$100Best Buy

Additional Costs:

$10-$30Cover/carrying case
$15-$20Car charger
$20-$40Cartridge games
$2-$8Screen protector
$3 Wall adapter


ProcessorARM9 - 134 MHz
Media TypeDS games
Disk CapacityMemory card
Online ContentDSiWare
ColorsPink, Blue, Black
Other FeaturesWi-Fi accessible
Web browser
Front and rear facing camera
Microphone and audio editing software
Warranty1 year, limited

For manufacturer information about this product, go to Nintendo.

Best-Selling Games

1. Pokémon Black Version 2$27
2. Pokémon White Version 2$26
3. New Super Mario Bros$26
4. Mario Kart DS$28
5. 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors$20
(List as of 07/9/2013) Source: Amazon

Best-Selling Accessories

1. Gereric wall adaptor$4
2. Rapid Travel Charger$4
3. DS carrying case$10
4. Car charger$5
5. Replacement stylus (3-pack)$4
(List as of 07/9/2013) Source: Amazon

What People Are Saying:

The major upgrade from the DS Lite to the DSi was the addition of access to downloadable online content, but there is still a small collection of titles compared to what PlayStation Network offers. The DSi's dual screens are 0.25" larger than its predecessor and a SD card slot was added for saving media. Included software for photo editing is reminiscent of a Japanese sticker booth -- and an alluring application for young and old to use. Downsides to the DSi include a shorter battery life than its predecessor and while the DSi can access Internet sites through a browser, don't expect to sit down and watch YouTube, as it does not handle videos. Starting with the DSi, Nintendo dropped backward compatibility with older Gameboy games.
  • Gizmodo: "The DSi is a DS that's just a little nicer, a moderate upgrade that's more Sony's style than Nintendo's. This isn't the jump you saw from the original DS to the DS Lite, but something more akin to the PSP 2000 to 3000, or the GBA to the GBA SP."