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Microsoft Surface Pro Prices, Specifications and Reviews

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The Microsoft Surface Pro is in many ways an upgraded version of the Surface RT, which was released in mid-2012. The Surface Pro boasts a new Windows 8 operating system and an array of apps through the Windows app store, but it is not tied to apps alone. With a laptop-like processor, it's capable of running PC software.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is somewhat larger and bulkier than both its predecessor and other tablets, weighing close to two pounds (without the keypad attached). The keyboard attachment is sold separately ($120-$130). The Surface Pro does come with a stylus for both writing and drawing which magnetically attaches to the side -- when in place, the stylus covers the charging port.


(Prices as of 02/15/2013)
Surface Pro (64GB) Surface Pro (128GB) Source
$900$1,000Best Buy

Additional Costs:

$20-$60Screen protector
$30 Additional stylus


DimensionsHeight: 10.81"
Width: 6.81"
Depth: 0.53"
Weight2 lbs.
Screen Size10.6"
Battery LifeLess than 5 hours
ProcessorIntel Core i5
App MarketWindows Store
Other FeaturesTwo 720p cameras (one rear-facing, one front-facing)
MicroSD card slot
USB 3.0 port
Pre-installed software for messaging, mail and Internet
Warranty1 year, limited

For manufacturer information about this product, go to Microsoft.

What People Are Saying:

Critics are disappointed by the Microsoft Surface Pro, calling it expensive -- especially considering the unique element of the device, the magnetically attaching keyboard, costs an additional $120-$130. The Surface Pro is thicker and bulker than most other tablets. Critics also complained that the stylus must be removed each time the device needs to charge. But, unlike most tablets, the Surface Pro has the underpinnings of a laptop, and that means it has some powerful features.
  • CNET: "The Surface Pro's gutsy design successfully reinvents the Windows 8 laptop by cramming an ultrabook experience into the body of a 10-inch tablet. Those wanting to go all-in on the tablet experience won't regret buying the Surface Pro, but we're holding out for a future, more polished generation of the device."
  • Vancouver Sun: "Microsoft's new Surface Pro isn't the top tablet on the market and it's not the best laptop either. Although the company boasted its dual-mode device would offer a 'no compromise' experience as both a tablet and a laptop, that's simply not the case."
  • PC World: "Surface Pro doesn't run away with the Windows 8 hybrid crown. And based on your needs, it might not be the best Windows 8 portable you can buy in the neighborhood of $1000. This is a problem because Surface Pro needs to stand out as a kick-ass reference design, and not be just another interesting-but-imperfect hardware option for anyone taking the Windows 8 plunge."