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Update: Discontinued in September 2012 by Amazon, the model was replaced by a new E-Ink ereader called Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Touch has a touch-screen interface and can store about 3,500 books. The E-Ink display makes it easy to read in bright sunlight. Because the E-Ink does not drain the battery as quickly as full-color screens, it is capable of working on a single charge for up to two months.

The Kindle Touch is capable of reading PDFs, Word documents and text files. It also can play MP3 files and read books aloud. It provides access to more than 800,000 books that cost less than $10, and there are millions more books published prior to 1923 that are free.

The "Special Offers" version is available at a discounted price because of ad support. The ads only show up on the home screen and while not in use; they do not interfere with the reading experience.

CostHelper Bottom Line: The Kindle Touch is no longer available through retailers or the manufacturer, but can still be purchased through online auction sites. The auctions often end well below the original MSRP of $99 or $139 for Wi-Fi models and $149 or $189 for 3G models. Typically, auction buyers paid $60-$80 for Kindle Touch models.


(Prices as of 03/27/2013)
Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi) Kindle Touch with Special Offers (Wi-Fi) Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi/3G) Kindle Touch with Special Offers (Wi-Fi/3G) Source

Additional Costs:

$0-$20Books: Most titles are $5-$20, more than 1 million books are free
$20-$50Cover/carrying case
$30 Extended warranty/protection plan
$10 Wall adapter


DimensionsHeight: 6.8"
Width: 4.7"
Depth: 0.4"
Weight7.5-7.8 oz
Screen Size6" touch-screen
Text DisplayE-Ink Pearl
Capacity4GB (about 3,500 books)
Battery LifeUp to 2 months (no connection), up to 3 weeks (Wi-Fi/3G on)
Other FeaturesFree cloud storage
Free 3G connectivity for life (on 3G models) on AT&T network
Read aloud feature
Adjustable font sizes
Limited web browser
Warranty1 year, limited

For manufacturer information about this product, go to Amazon.

Best-Selling Books

1. "Monday Mornings" by Sanjay Gupta$9
2. "Lover at Last" by JR Ward$15
3. "Falling into You" by Jasinda Wilder$4
4. "Six Years" by Harlen Coben$15
5. "Wait for You" by J Lynn$3
(List as of 03/27/2013) Source: Amazon

Best-Selling Magazines

1. People$9.99/month
2. SI magazine$3.99/month
3. Better Homes and Gardens$7.49/month
4. Time$2.99/month
5. US Weekly$5.99/month
Per issue fees may differ. (List as of 03/27/2013) Source: Amazon

Best-Selling Newspapers

1. The New York Times$19.99/month
2. The Wall Street Journal$21.62/month
3. The Washington Post$$11.99/month
4. USA Today$11.99/month
5. The Onion$2.49/month
Per issue fees may differ. (List as of 03/27/2013) Source: Amazon

What People Are Saying:

With a mid-November 2011 release and an under-$100 starting price tag, the Kindle Touch and its sibling, the Kindle Fire, were top sellers during the holiday shopping season. For $20 more than the current Kindle, the Kindle Touch adds audio functions, a touch-screen and a battery that lasts twice as long. Customers who purchased the Kindle Touch are overwhelmingly happy with it -- more than 60% of the reviews on Amazon gave four -and five-star ratings (out of five).Customers' primary complaint was the lack of wall adaptor for charging the Kindle Touch -- Amazon only provides a USB cable to connect to a computer. Previous iterations came with the power adaptor, which is available for about $10.
  • PC World: "The Touch should sell well for several reasons. Its $99 price brings the Kindle into impulse-buy territory. It may become a popular stocking stuffer this holiday season, assuming shoppers can buy a unit in time."
  • "In all, it looks as though Amazon has produced a worthy competitor to the space-leading touch devices -- and the $99/$149 price tags for the Wi-Fi and 3G versions certainly don't hurt."