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Apple iPad Cost

How Much Does an Apple iPad Cost?

low costLow: $499-$599
low costMedium: $629-$699
low costHigh: $729-$829

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The Apple iPad range includes three different Wi-Fi equipped models and three with 3G mobile broadband access as well. The iPad is more than just an eBook Reader, falling between an iPhone and a netbook. In addition to displaying eBooks and newspapers, it can browse the web, send and receive e-mail, download any of 140,000 iPhone apps, play videos and music and view photos. For comparison to other eBook readers, see How Much Does an eBook Reader Cost.
Typical costs:
  • Each iPad is just 0.5-inches thick with a 9.7-inch color screen and up to 10 hours of battery life. In addition to eBooks, the iPad can view text, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe files as well as image files, and it plays videos and music. The 3 Wi-Fi-only models weigh 1.5 pounds and automatically locate available Wi-Fi networks. iPad also comes with Bluetooth technology for connecting devices such as wireless headphones or wireless keyboards. The entry-level model offers Wi-Fi connectivity with 16GB flash drive memory for $499. Depending on the other applications employed, that's enough memory to store up to about 12,000 books.
  • The Wi-Fi equipped iPad with 32GB flash drive costs $599, enough to hold up to 24,000 books.
  • The Wi-Fi equipped iPad with 64GB flash drive costs $699, enough to hold up to 48,000 books.
  • For those who travel or require access outside of a Wi-Fi network, iPad units with Wi-Fi plus 3G offer a wireless broadband connection almost anywhere. These iPad models weigh 1.6 pounds and include a SIM card tray. They also require a monthly data plan. The 16GB Wi-Fi plus 3G iPad costs $629.
  • The Wi-Fi plus 3G iPad with 32GB of flash drive memory costs $729.
  • The Wi-Fi plus 3G iPad with 64GB of memory costs $829.
What should be included:
  • Dock connector to USB cable, 10W USB power adapter, Mac/PC software.
  • Built-in speaker, microphone, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.
  • Free app for the iBookstore, offering free public domain books as well as current best sellers.
  • The multitouch screen uses the same Safari web browser used by the iPhone.
  • The iPad offers full-screen and widescreen options for viewing standard or HD videos, movies or TV shows.
  • The unit offers iPod functionality and access to the iTunes store.
Additional costs:
  • The iPad 3G models require an AT&T data plan deal costing $30 per month for unlimited data or $15 per month for up to 250MB. There is no contract so it can be cancelled at any time.
  • There are more than 140,000 applications available for the iPad from the Apple iPad App Store including games, social networking, shopping and financial tools.
  • Apple has launched an iBook store akin to its iTunes music store and has partnered with major publishers such as Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Hachette Book Group. Prices for these books vary.
  • As the iPad will support EPUB format, it will offer access the one million public domain titles available for free download from Google Books.
  • Ear buds cost about $5, and noise-canceling headphones cost $20 to $500. Purchasing additional music from the iTunes Store costs about $1 per song. See: How Much Does an MP3 Cost.
  • iPad Accessories include an iPad Dock ($29) for charging the unit; a Camera Connection Kit to import photos and video from a digital camera or camcorder ($29); a USB power adapter ($29) that enables the iPad to be charged directly through an electrical outlet; and a dock connector to VGA adapter to watch slideshows and movies on a TV, monitor, projector or LCD display that uses a VGA connector or cable. An iPad case ($39) protects the device and a keyboard dock ($69) offers a full-size keyboard. There is also a wireless keyboard ($69) that connects to the iPad wirelessly.
Shopping for an apple ipad:
  • CNET compares the iPad to the Amazon Kindle.
  • Apple offers video guided tours of different applications on the iPad, such as how to use Safari, get e-mail or download iTunes on the iPad. Purchases can be made through the online Apple Store or search for a local Apple Retail Store.
  • Find prices from online retailers like Amazon then look for comparable or discounted prices at local electronics retailers such as Best Buy.
Article updated December 2010
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