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Game Boy Advance Cost

How Much Does a Game Boy Advance Cost?

low costUsed: $20-$100+average costNew: $160-$250
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The Nintendo Game Boy Advance[1] was first released in the U.S. and Canada on June 11, 2001, and succeeded Nintendo's previous handhelds, the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color. The Game Boy Advance was redesigned in 2003 with a flip-up screen and called the Game Boy Advance SP. Discountined and replaced with the Nintendo DS, both versions are widely available used.

Typical costs:

  • New Game Boy Advance SPs are still available through some retailers. These units can cost about $160-$250, depending on the games and accessories included. For example, the Game Boy Advance SP Platinum[2] costs $162 for the console alone, and the Game Boy Advance SP with four games[3] costs about $250.
  • Purchased used, the Game Boy Advance SP costs $20-$100 or more, depending on games and accessories included.
  • The Game Boy Advance SP comes in the colors Graphite, Pearl Blue, and Pearl Pink. Games for the Game Boy Advance SP are compatible with the Nintendo DS.
What should be included:
  • Purchased new, the Game Boy Advance comes with the console, owner's manual, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a basic warranty for 12 months.
Additional costs:
  • Used games[4] cost $10 to $35 or more, with older titles on the lower end and newer releases starting at $30 and up.
Shopping for a game boy advance:
  • Game Boy Advance systems and games are available at Amazon[5] , eBay[6] and other online retailers.
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